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Refine your trading skills and access funding with up to 70% profit share with the most trader focused program.

Built for you

RivaFx’s goal is to help you achieve your goals by refining your strategy and getting the resources you need.

RivaFx provides simulated trading accounts, market data and trading tools to help you test your strategies and qualify for up to 70% profit share on simulated trading provided by a partner proprietary trading firm.

RivaFx’s advantages are low fees, fast qualification, low thresholds, ability to try again and transparency.

Please read more details on the FAQ page.

Easy Process to Funding

Each program has simple rules to follow to pass and qualify for a partner funded account. We tailored these programs to the different traders’ needs and to give you the best opportunity and experience. 

Please review the FAQ page for details and the different program rules and select the one that best suits your goals, trading, and budget.

Choose Your Program

Simple, straightforward programs to choose from

Funding Programs Aligned with Your Goals

We want to get as many traders qualified for funded accounts and successful as possible. You choose the funding styles, platform,
and programs that best meet your needs, risk management, and goals.

Easy to Follow
Trading Rules

Clear and well-defined rules designed for consistent trading.

No Recurring Fees

Only one small fee at the start.

Exceptional Support

Live chat and email with guaranteed replies.

Your Way

Built for your success, no limits on your trading style.


Pass the Programs one or two step evaluation and qualify for a profit share account with biweekly payout.

Trade Like A Pro,
On The Go

Learn from the best platform and grow as a Professional Trader.

User-friendly Technology

A state of the art backend with an easy to use interface to get live performance data, starting and total balance, lowest daily and account drawdown. Our simple graph also shows your ongoing balance and equity, in thirty minute increments.

We support the most popular trading platform, MetaTrader 4 (MT4).