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About Us

Succeeding together.

Our Goal

Our goal is to support traders’ success on a personal level. 

We care about you and your experience with us.

We want to succeed together. We provide in-depth information on our trading programs, transparency on how we partner with you, and how we make money to create an exceptional environment to drive success.


The value of Prop Trading is the opportunity for a trader to share in profits of large funded accounts without any risk of sharing in trading losses. RivaFx and its partners work on maximizing that opportunity for you.

As a prop trader, you may grow to share in the profits of a prop firm’s account with large funding balances that could reach millions.

It requires a lot of hard work to become a successful trader. If you’ve put in the time to learn, test, and build your trading and effective risk management strategies, a prop firm is a way to access the capital you need to succeed.

Most traders with the talent to trade don’t have access to large pools of capital, and a prop firm is a fast way to get capitalized, make real income, and build a track record.


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We built RivaFx to be the most transparent and trader-friendly prop firm. We want to help traders succeed and maximize their chances for funded accounts and a profitable future. 

We believe our industry has not done enough to ensure trader success or help less skilled traders avoid costly mistakes.


We help traders with different levels of experience and objectives achieve their goals. From providing support to new traders through simulated phased programs to expediting scaling and funded account qualification for experienced traders.


RivaFx and its funding partner focus profiting with traders and maximizing their potential on every trade and strategy, with no risk beyond the fee to the trader.